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Michelangelo Buonarroti

Art is a time line where everything are like connected, unpredictable events that expresses what might happen or what could have happened to humanity and to its artist. Art is a manifestation of what its holder wants to share to his/her future audiences: it is a physical representation of what he wants to tell us and how his audience wants to understand what is really happening to him.

For me, art will never be simple as how fast we can spell it: it is one of the most complex subjects of all that has different diversities, and claim to remain that it is unproven by average people. It is a trip that we can’t get off and can’t get over if we want to: Art is everywhere surrounding us, with all of its elements, from the simplest rock to the imaginary shapes that we can think of.  All of us have their own concepts of what Art is but I will adhere to myself that it can never be defined easily and by just one person; even if he is very influential or powerful. Art’s meaning can be extracted, yes, but it is more of an opinion and an experience because it’s exact significance cannot be declared by someone for all we know, art itself is judgemental for every individual and it will always depend on the audiences’ taste whether he/she will appreciate the work or it will remain meaningless and futile for his/her appreciations.

Building Blocks - A Time Line of Its Own

I believe art has a question regarding its relevance in life: as a promising designer, artistry is my reason why I will design unusual structures that are powerful in awe, excluding my intentions to help and serve my Filipino society. Since art has its “judgemental” and mysterious properties, I will use it to control the minds of every audience of my work and let them feel that I am actually bringing a message to them. Its relevance is simple: being an instrument, communication and a standard – setter for aspiring artists. Art will be the base foundation of my designs and I will pledge that my plans themselves are embedded with pure craftsmanship. Although at this point, my talents are way far from these adjectives; however, it will be the test not only from this course but for me as well.  It is not only me who will conceive that it is a foundation and fundamental requirement for an architect’s design. I know all of us; designers appreciate art as an important aspect of our profession and existence as a creator.

I see my country falling from every piece of excellence but I realized, art can probably save the current situation if only we will be strong ourselves physically and spiritually. I know we Filipinos are pure in spirit, faithfully empowered and artistically buffed. We are the race who keep the happiness within ourselves even we are in pain, even we are in conflict. We are the people who remain smiling in front of video cameras even we are under the state of calamity (Hurricane Ondoy, 2009). From these contexts, I still believe that art is relevant to the current situation that we have: poverty and corruption.

The Philippine Flag

If we are keeping our fingers crossed to obtain regeneration, we will get it. Art can also be important even in the midst of conflicting events: it can be used not only to express what people feel but it can also be used as an instrument for livelihood. Moreover, I know that artistry will be resurrected because the “blues” that we are having. We tell people even from other parts of the world what we want and what we need: through artworks. They can be cartoons, murals, sculptures, ironic paintings and the like. Art never leaves, it is always there waiting to be summoned by random artisans from different parts and I can tell: even the poorest of the society can actually perform an artwork if he has the feeling and devotion. Art: an instrument for business, communication, expression, hope and self – importance.

Art is relevant in every aspect as a designer, but it remains a mystery to most of us: we may tell what it has for some individuals but we cannot proclaim what it really is. We can accept concepts that are a bit Rastafarian and unusual to us average multitude, We have different concepts as life and existence has; but, Art is life itself existing within ourselves. We just need to find where is it in us.

A question remains: “what really is art for you?”




People think Architecture is just illustrating buildings and wanting to design a different block from the others. I was shocked to think that it is more than what I expected.

Architecture is a resounding language for people who see and appreciate what it really is. We see evidence of brilliance that evoke different harmonies to numerous people and as designers, it is our duty to share what we believe and feel through our designs. For me, as a student, it is a continuation of the timeline of the every detail in each structure we see every single day.

Based from what I have learned and experienced in the earlier weeks of my current course, I now understand that Architecture doesn’t follow a certain tradition of designs and fixed proportions; rather, we, as designers, are bound to find our own form, style and legitimacy. Making something rise is not just stacking rectangular blocks of concrete: it is performing with spiritual and emotional inclination which actually acts out in our plans.

It is neither a simple process nor an easy kitsch. It is letting people emerge in what they see up high and what mood they feel whenever we show our creations. We form and build exact elements according to our visualizations to fit human dimensions and special client targets for people to have easier living. We design new things and aid humanity for function and in developing new ideas for their convenience and so form/design follows. We have inspirations of knowing the history and masters of Architecture and because of this, we have the freedom to choose on whom to look up to and influence our designs by their flashy – creative and modest ideas before. We are here studying to continue what was planned before and it is a mission to be pioneers of newer design languages. We have means and different reasons of fortifying our beliefs and it will be within us to apply them so people can recognize the importance of what we are doing.

If given a chance, as an architect, I would like to contrive plans that will evoke reverence and awe to the people who will see my designs. I will materialize the things that others tend to think that building my patterns are impossible to solidify. I want my audience to be surprised and feel that I, as a member of the human society, am powerful beyond my own capacities of imagination. I would project more complex designs that will remind people of their culture and belief, but I would stay away from traditional operation of previewing my structures and let my knowledge in technological development dominate. All of my designs shall have a uniformity but with remaining clarity and they should unite with the current post – modern techno patterns that we see in developed urban places. I will adhere to my philosophies but let my clients express what they really want to see and share to his/her guests. Architecture and design is more of developing something like a relationship and takes more than to be an adept in designing because I believe that we do our work not to delight only ourselves but most especially the multitude who can’t distinguish art as life.

I expected less but now I can distinguish that Architecture is a harmony that has its own resonance to all the audience. Designs bounce back as descriptions and memories. As a future architect, I shall assure that people who will look up to my designs will be shocked to see the impossible plans embrace themselves because of awe and unified satisfaction.