First Diagnostic Plate for Architectural Free Hand Drawing.

My skill enhancement major subject this term under Architect Karlo Agassa

This is my illustration of the Lobby of School of Design and Arts (De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde)

= It was supposed to be a Reflected Ceiling Plan but then I realized it will be dull if I will illustrate a vague floor plan type of drawing so I decided to compose an image from what I really saw when I stood up in that given spot and then I looked upward: This view caught my character. Lines that form parallelism but functions as different embellishment to each element of the balcony – type designs.

We were asked to set ourselves and look wussy and suppressed by different passerby each minute but it was a great experience to illustrate “Static” views from simple images than come up to ourselves while seeing things differently. The perception is different in each one where every individual has his own “Composition” and form analysis. This is what I have learned from my first meeting with Agassa.