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“Robo” Rib.

Third Practice Plate for Architectural Free Hand Drawing.

My skill enhancement major subject this term under Architect Karlo Agassa


Okay so this activity was done when the first instruction was to mount our working boards on the table with masking tapes and so we did… without knowing what the activity will be. Sir Karlo then  pulled the Skeleton model that was placed statically in one corner of the room. Surprisingly, he pulled it towards the middle of the conference tables and announced: “This will be your subject according to your own views of perspective and origins.” and I was like: “Uhhh? really now?”.

We started the activity first time of all the plates that we had a mounted one and another surprise: “Draw the skeleton upside down.. No cheating.” haha. It was a different experience though,  a test to know whether we are right – brained or left – brained artists. I just noticed, it was more of a BALANCED skill for me. The activity was hard at first and I knew I do my visual plates great and I don’t have a hard time with them knowing I am more of a left – brained designer; however, it was a good result that this illustration wasn’t that awful at all.

I was happy: I could be balanced at the same time using my left or right side of my brain. It will take some time though.






Second Practice Plate for Architectural Free Hand Drawing.

My skill enhancement major subject this term under Architect Karlo Agassa

This is what my hand formed when I used several strokes to define what the music really was for me and for my nerves. We did this when Architect Karlo made us listen to different music with instrumental Piano Riffs in it. The music was a bit of explosion and poison to me but the lines made my statement of what the music was. It was a mixed emotional blast of keys set together to form a unity like designing a building for Architecture.

I started my lines from upper right each box blasting their ways towards the end left corner of the image margins. It was a really challenging time pressure plate for us “noobies.” We’ll check and head on what will be next for us. Straight lines were formed because of the music, Curves too.

Architecture was buildings, forms, blocks and structures, but just at first. I though it is a planar construction of usable and comfortable shapes that we could go into; however, it is surprisingly more than everything.

I have learned a lot of things during my first three – month stay in my school and I’m proud that I can mention who my mentor was. I then had a more vivid picture on what Architecture really was. It is designing and planning patterns that are beyond from what is expected by our clients. Philosophies, principles, standards, conditions, operations, emotions and character are the prerequisites: Architecture is about who we are while being surrounded by each one’s similarities and differences.

From my own learning, As a future designer, I would design structures that are unimaginable to the visual and intellectual power of every person. I want to let people from different status feel that I am addressing them: Forms are the definition of what one can do to be reverent. I will design buildings that will represent the Filipino society and the reasons why we are unique.

I shall implement Techno – Modern, Expressionist forms in my designs that will suit the current urban development plans. I will contrive natural components that would adhere to my beliefs that foretells: “We should all be equal in most of the ways we find to be.” Being a naturalist – artist, I want to apply plans that will pass the standards of being Eco – Friendly and support the present project regarding the preservation of the nature and preventing the occurrence of  natural disasters that are mistakes of the human multitude. My plans would be more of mixed expressions and combined emotions. As a musician, I would provide concepts that feels like a “Riff” to my guests/audience who will look at my designs where testimonies could be round and repeating; but above all this, my structures are stories from different experiences in our life.

If given a chance, I will project more complex designs that will remind people of their culture and belief, in the most innovative way. All of my proposed designs shall have a uniformity but remaining clarity. My blueprints shall be the symbols of each one’s belief and as future architect, I will serve as an adept to continue the mission of my mentors and models: to be a pioneer of newer design languages. Of course, it is my advocacy to form and build exact elements according to our visualizations to fit human dimensions and special client targets for people to have easier living. I will be an aid to humanity for function and in developing new ideas for their convenience and so, form/design then follows.

My design is the unexpected. I will have my own vibrant representations and harmonies. They will bounce back as descriptions and memories to all of my audience. I shall assure that people who will look up to my designs will see the impossible plans and feel that these plans embrace themselves because of awe and unified satisfaction.


Contours, “Mentorship”, cantilevers, distortions, symmetry & balance, awe, reverence, power, control, unity, story, elegance, transparencies, monochromes, discipline and character: These are the words forming my language of Architecture.