Third Practice Plate for Architectural Free Hand Drawing.

My skill enhancement major subject this term under Architect Karlo Agassa


Okay so this activity was done when the first instruction was to mount our working boards on the table with masking tapes and so we did… without knowing what the activity will be. Sir Karlo then  pulled the Skeleton model that was placed statically in one corner of the room. Surprisingly, he pulled it towards the middle of the conference tables and announced: “This will be your subject according to your own views of perspective and origins.” and I was like: “Uhhh? really now?”.

We started the activity first time of all the plates that we had a mounted one and another surprise: “Draw the skeleton upside down.. No cheating.” haha. It was a different experience though,  a test to know whether we are right – brained or left – brained artists. I just noticed, it was more of a BALANCED skill for me. The activity was hard at first and I knew I do my visual plates great and I don’t have a hard time with them knowing I am more of a left – brained designer; however, it was a good result that this illustration wasn’t that awful at all.

I was happy: I could be balanced at the same time using my left or right side of my brain. It will take some time though.